10 Most Known Scandals in the World of Beauty Pageants

These days, there are many people who criticize beauty pageants and a trend to just woman based on their appearance so that it received scrutiny. Besides, when it comes to the traditional surrounding of these contestants, including their swimsuit competitions, there is some stigma in terms of their organizations and others.
Many things have changed over the last few decades because many pageants didn’t let specific nations to complete at their early stages. Now, they accept women of all nations, origins, and backgrounds, but swimsuit competitions still play an important role in beauty contests, but the portion that consists of questions and answers became as essential. What about participants? They consist of beautiful women with a good education, knowledge, and articulation. After getting her beauty crown, winners are obliged to travel for specific charitable purposes and inspire others via their appearances and speaking performances.
Unfortunately, there are specific scandals that attracted people’s attention, and most of them are caused by high requirements that must be met by contestants and the underbelly of their creators, and each one is quite indecent. Think about such b ad things as murders and nude pictures, and you’ll understand that this industry is as dangerous and spoilt as others in the world that belongs to celebrities. We made this list of the most known scandals related to beauty pageants, and you should read it to realize that this industry is not as glamorous and enticing as it may seem.

Wild Pageant Queens

Wild Pageant Queens
Most people interested in beauty contests prefer to think that all participants get along well. Another common misconception is that pageant queens prefer to provide a younger generation with their mentorship. The story of these beauty queens serves as a great example to disprove it. Blair and Conner were having fun while attending a party when they were pictured taking cocaine and drinking a lot. These photos revealed their horrible behaviors and lifestyle choices so that the general public decided to outrage over them. Besides, Blair was the representative of mothers against DUI, but this scandal with pictures resulted in her firing. When it comes to Conner, her personality is associated with a lot of controversy because there are multiple rumors and allegations about her reign.


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