15 Shocking Facts about Titanic That Will Rock Your Boat

All readers should know that it’s the biggest ship at that time full of mysteries, and the intrigues that surround Titanic keep growing even more. Maybe, it’s one of those reasons why people recreate this famous ship and its story in movies and other projects. The most interesting fact is that qualified engineers want to replicate this well-known liner in a couple of years and they also plan to sell tickers at record prices. Will you dare to buy a ticket if you can afford it? Most people may think twice when they remember the story of previous Titanic. You should read our shocking revelations if you still have some doubts about your answer.
Basically, there are many facts that you may not know about this ship because its secrets are hidden underwater. Its destiny was quite devastating and many people agree that this disaster was predetermined even before it was constructed. Did you know? One of its most amazing secrets is that its story was told many times before it happened in the reality. It was some kind of waring, prediction, or penalty for calling Titanic unsinkable. People might be just too superstitious at that time, but the mysterious facts included in our list will help you get a better idea of its destiny.

It Was a Huge Investment

It Was a Huge Investment
You’ll be surprised to learn that the cost of building Titanic was more than $400 million. When it comes to its new version that will be ready in a couple of years, it’s supposed to have a range of extra security features. However, the original liner was without any flaw according to the opinion of historians, but financial specialists thought that it was too expensive. If it’s still hard for you to understand the size of this investment, it can be compared to missions to Mars, American Civil War, 10 brand new hospitals, and so on. This means that some people decided to build a really expensive ship instead of fighting for freedom, launching space adventures, and curing sick patients. Now, they also want to reconstruct the mysterious liner that sunk so ridiculously. Is this endeavor outlandish, silly, or just adventurous? We guess that only time will show.


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